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Custom Blending

We specialize in custom blending to provide you with the exact flavor profile that meets your needs, whether it will be used as an ingredient or finished product.


• As a SQF level 3 certied organization, we're committed to bringing our customers the

  highest level of food safety and quality.

• Our facility is 100% gluten-free.

• Custom Formulation - Let our experts help you find that perfect flavor.

• Instant Mixes

• Pre-Mixes

• Gluten-Free Mixes

• Drink Mixes

• Frappe & Granita Mixes
• Instant Coffee Blends

• Leaf Tea Blends

• Instant Tea Blends

• Cappuccino Mixes

• Hot Chocolate Mixes

American Instants, Inc. Since 1961
American Instants is ISO Certified
American Instants is SQF Certified
Rainforest Alliance Certified
Made In The USA

Custom Blending